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The Wellington County Learning Centre promotes a learner-centered approach to literacy upgrading. This means learners direct their own learning and set their own goals – both long term and short term.

Whether you’re looking to learn something new, trying to get your GED, or upgrade your reading skills, the Learning Centre can help.

Programs offered by Zoom can be viewed in the WCLC offices if you don’t have a PC or laptop to join the Zoom call with.   


The WCLC welcomes all learners and we work hard to provide support to everyone. However, not everyone is eligible to be counted as our learners. If you are eligible, we can count you as a learner and report this to those who provide us with funding (i.e., the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development). This helps us to continue to get funding and stay open, which is why we will ask you screening questions when you are registering for programs. The first requirement is being a resident of the Wellington County, the second is being between the ages of 18 and retirement age, and the third is having one of the following:

  • Interrupted education or lower levels of education
  • A self-identified person with a disability
    • Can be a mental health problem like anxiety
  • Low income or jobless

Again, we will not turn away anyone needing support. However, you may not be eligible for free programs (for instance, Safe Food Handling) if you cannot be counted as one of our learners. We know that we ask sensitive questions but please be aware that if we cannot count you as a learner then we are helping you even though you do not help us keep our funding. Please be patient and respectful of staff at all times.
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Reading, Writing and Math Skills Tutoring

Work on reading, writing, and math skills as needed by the Learner

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Adults over 18 needing their GED can write an assessment so that a learner plan can be created to ensure their learning needs are met.

GED prep is offered in-person on Wednesdays
from 5pm to 7pm.

Search for careers and visit workplaces of interest. This free employment program will help you to discover your next steps.

Next planned start date is Spring 2023

To learn more, view our PDF:


If you need your Safe Food Handling Certificate, the workshop will prepare you to write the exam.

We are running this program monthly. Our April workshop is on the 18th, 19th, and 20th at 10am to 12pm. Please contact us to register.

Money in jar

Learn all about banking and your money.






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Learn how to operate a computer, get comfortable with Zoom, navigate the internet to find a job, create Word documents, and use email programs.


To learn more, view our PDF:

Learn effective communication and math skills for customer service, as well as how to use a cash register.




Creating a bullet journal allows you to record the past, make note of your thoughts, and plan for the future.   Weekly meetings will help you get the support and guidance to ensure you have success as you learn this popular and creative journaling technique.  


This program is about seeing the glass half full vs half empty.  Each class will have an activity that you will try in your daily life to help see your day to day life more positively. It also focuses on reducing stress after a tough day and practicing the activities you learn to see if they will help you to de-stress and enjoy the rest of your day or evening. Your role is to try these activities and see which ones work best for you. It is a great course to learn coping skills. 


We will be offering Rent Smart – know your rights and responsibilities as a renter. 


Can’t find what you are looking for? Take a look at what our partner agencies and organizations have to offer by clicking here to view the various organizations that work with the WCLC to help with literacy and learning across Wellington County.

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