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The Wellington County Learning Centre promotes a learner-centered approach to literacy upgrading. This means learners direct their own learning and set their own goals – both long term and short term.

Whether you’re looking to learn something new, trying to get your GED, or upgrade your reading skills, the Learning Centre can help.

Programs offered by Zoom can be viewed in the WCLC offices if you don’t have a PC or laptop to join the Zoom call with.   

Student writing

Reading, Writing and Math Skills Tutoring

Work on reading, writing and math skills as needed by the Learner

Adults over 18 needing their GED can write an assessment so that a learner plan can be created to ensure their learning needs are met.

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Learn how to operate a computer, get comfortable with Zoom, navigate the internet to find a job, create Word documents, and use email programs.

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If you need your Safe Food Handling Certificate, the workshop will prepare you to write the exam.

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Learn all about banking and your money.

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Search for careers and visit workplaces of interest. This free employment program will help you to discover your next steps.

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Learn effective communication and math skills for customer service, as well as how to use a cash register.

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Discover jobs in the health care sector and find out the least you should know to enter these college programs.

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Everyone has more than one story—so let these workshops help you tell one of yours! 4 workshops which will teach you how to express yourself creatively.

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Basic skills needed for entry jobs in the construction sector.

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If you’ve spent part of your life – or most of your life – struggling to get by in the world and at work, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach.  But even if your story has been filled with barriers and setbacks, the next chapter can change all that.


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Over a series of six sessions, learn about the legal processes concerning separation, divorce, support payments and how to work towards mediation. 

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If childcare or transportation costs are preventing you from taking the programs and courses we offer, there are subsidies and financial aid to help with those expenses.  

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Take a look at what our partner agencies and organizations have to offer by clicking here to view the various organizations that work with the WCLC to help with literacy and learning across Wellington County.

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