Learner Plan Approval

Every learner in every program at WCLC has a Learner Plan. It tells you what you will be working on in class, what kind of skills you will be building and the resources you will use. Every Learner Plan has to be approved by the Learner.

Notice with Respect to Collection of Personal Information

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You are working on improving your basic computer skills. The details are here. This plan may last for a few weeks or a few months depending on how fast you learn and how many hours per week you practice your skills.

Tasks and learning activities to be completed Competencies, task groups, levels M/S Skills needed to perform task Resources to use
Watch a webinar to extract information A3 Extract information from films, broadcasts and presentations 14
  • Describe the purpose or theme
  • Understand the main events
  • Describe the order of information presented
  • Collect detailed information
WCLC Basic Computer Group Resources