The Wellington County Learning Centre promotes a learner-centered approach to literacy upgrading. This means learners direct their own learning and set their own goals – both long term and short term.


Adult Programs

Literacy upgrading for adult residents of rural Wellington County includes help with literacy, numeracy, basic computers and workforce literacy. Funding is provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Just for Youth Programs

Working one-to-one with youth (ages 8 to 18) still in school and living in Wellington County. Funded by United Way. 

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Math for Youth After School Program

The Math For Youth is an after school program for children struggling with the math curriculum. Works with grades 3 – 8. The program is designed to review and maintain skills learned in math in order to be more successful

Lets Get Real . . . Employment for Youth

(Fergus) An essential skills program for youth age 16 to 22 yrs. This is an excellent program for those who are having difficulty establishing an employment or academic goal path. To begin, attend workshops twice per week using a tablet to research jobs, careers, skills and the labour market. Participants have the opportunity to earn certificates in Smart Serve, Safe Food Handling and/or Workplace Safety. Finally, the participants tour workplaces of interest where they have the chance to ask questions and observe workplaces in action.

ESL Literacy Programs
Never too late

General Education Development

Recognized by colleges, apprenticeship and employers as an equivalent to an OSSD. GED preparation is available at the Learning Centre. This program has continuous intake, ie. you can start at any time.  GED prep Assessments are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please call or email to book an assessment. There is a teacher available to help you prepare for the GED test at the following time: Monday to Thursday 9am to 4:30pm and Friday 9am to 12pm.  Come as little or as much as you need, but remember, “the more you come the faster you will be done!”


• read to my kids
• shop better
• find a job
• look after my money better
• read a memo at work
• send an email
• get my driver’s license
• read my child’s report card
• go to College 
• get my adult highschool equivalency certificate (GED)

What is your goal

We help you discover the skills you have and the skills you need and set up a learning plan that is just for you!

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