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Position Volunteer Tutor for Adult or Youth Learner

Goal: To work on a one-to-one basis with an adult or youth learner (youth aged 8-18 in rural Wellington County, helping to improve his/her reading, writing and/or basic math skills.

Term: Requires a six (6) month commitment, which can be extended if both parties are aggreeable.

Hours: Minimum two hours one-to-one tutoring and one hour prep time for a total of three (3) hours a week.

Scheduling: At the discretion of the volunteer tutor, taking into consideration the learner's schedule.

Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the learner's training plan which will be provided by the co-ordinator upon matching. Work with the co-ordinator by following suggestions set out in the training plan. Fill in monthly reporting sheets about your tutoring match and return to the WCLC quarterly. Maintain contact with the office (by phone, fax, in person or e-mail) about any changes that may be happening with your match, e.g. missed appointments, holidays, breaks and possible termination of the tutoring partnership. Ensure that the Youth learner's parent or guardian is ALWAYS nearby.Take adequate precautions for your personal safety when toring any learner.

Worksite: The tutoring sessions are held at a location aggreed upon by the tutor & learner. The tutor should ensure that the worksite is adequately lit, comfortable, and quiet to promote concentration and learning.