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Learning On The Level!

New, revised or reprinted resources from the Wellington County Learning Centre


“The Skills Level Checklist ”
Revised to include levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, this document will help your program evaluate a learner’s strengths and weaknesses through each level and develop a meaningful training plan.
• Sample demonstrations are included for levels 1 to 3.
• Assess reading, writing and math skills
• Learner friendly format (easy to use, easy to understand at any level)

$17.50 each copy
Small Charge For Shipping and Handling May Apply


"The Budget Workbook: An Everyday Guide to Managing Money"
This popular everyday guide will help learners understand how to manage their money. It is now available in CD-ROM format and hard copy. Each workbook contains reading, writing, and math exercises for all learning outcome levels. Each CD includes Workbook and Answer book three common file formats—Adobe, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

CD ROM: $23.00 each copy
Hard copy workbook: $7.00 each copy
Small charge for shipping and handling may apply

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The Road Ahead: an easy to
read Driver’s Handbook

This is an excellent literacy resource for anyone working with youth or adults:
• Includes topics not covered in other driver’s manuals
• Review exercises for almost all chapters
• A good supplement to the official driver’s manual
• Easy to read format includes larger fonts and graphics

$25.00 each copy
Small charge for shipping and handling may apply

The Hidden Candies is a story created by a group of Low German Mennonite women as part of a group project. The project was facilitated by Rachel Farahbakhsh, who was also the managing editor. Special thanks to the Wellington Dufferin Guelph Health Unit for their support. 
$7.00 each copy

Bringing Out The Best in Our Children (and facilitators guide),
was written and illustrated by a group of Low German Mennonite women in the Drayton area.  It is based upon "The Virtues Guide" by Linda and Dan Popov.  Facilitated by Rachel  Farahbakhsh.  Special thanks to the Wellington Dufferin Guelph Health Unit, and Drayton Rotary Club for their support. 
$12.00 each copy 

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